Collective Shift does not provide recommendations, signals or tips of any kind (including picks, entries, exits or calls).

If you hear about our content & research team giving "tips", we don't provide this. We distribute content about new projects, potential upcoming trends and other "alpha" via our member platform in a range of different ways. We provide these insights, research, reports and analysis to be ‘another tool in your toolbox’ – helping to fuel your own research and save you time, not to be a "tip" or "buy" signal.

Areas where you can read this content and kick start your own research are as follows:

Daily Posts - Every day our Research & Content Team post higher frequency, smaller updates to keep you up to date. This is where you can receive ongoing guidance on price volatility, on-chain & sentiment data, and "alpha" content on projects and trends.

Beginner Course - We deliver a guided pathway for members to learn about the basics of investing, trading, buying, selling, securing, storing and sending cryptocurrency. This course is designed to answer many of those beginner questions you may have entering the space and provides an overview of some of the basic concepts you will definitely experience during your journey through cryptocurrency.

Monthly Q&A - Each month we ask members to send in their burning questions and we put the best ones to the research team to answer in a monthly video exclusively for members. Got a question for the research team? Click here to submit your question.

Collective Shift Crypto Community - A fantastic place to get a range of different perspectives from a range of experienced, intelligent members. Here you can find and learn about cutting edge technology, trends and opinions from like-minded investors and traders.

Resources - This is where the research team upload their latest intermediate and advanced level guides, tutorials and explainer videos to help you further develop your knowledge and understanding of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Crypto Spotlight Reports - Each month we cast the spotlight on 3 different cryptocurrencies or projects that are on our radar – covering what the project is all about, their recent developments, what’s ahead, on-chain & sentiment data and more. Also access 50+ Crypto Spotlight Reports at any time from within the Member Platform.

Research Reports - Our research team takes time to research thoroughly different projects and repackage it for our members each month, publishing two in-depth reports containing our latest research, findings and observations in cryptocurrency and other macro-financial markets.

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