Research Reports is where we publish a suite of in-depth reports on various areas of the crypto ecosystem. These reports include:

  • Crypto Valuation Reports: Every month, the team evaluates and analyses a project within the crypto ecosystem. (More information.)

  • Technical Analysis Deep Dives (Video Report): Weekly TA from Trader Daxx on BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. (More information.)

  • Crypto Research Calls: Punchy videos with supplementary notes that cover the latest projects and tools in crypto. (More information.)

  • NFT Reports: Monthly video recap of the latest NFT developments and trends. Recorded for members by NFT expert DCL Blogger. (More information.)

  • Santiment Research Reports: Fortnightly commentary on the most noteworthy on-chain and sentiment trends for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. (More information.)

  • Precious Metals & Macro Reports: Monthly insights on the state of certain precious metals and commodities markets, and relevant macroeconomic events. (More information.)

We work closely with our data analytics partners to bring you the latest reports backed by in-depth sentiment, behaviour and on-chain data.

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